Volcano Monitoring

Monitoring Volcano Activity

Screen Shot Jenoptik_imageMonitoring of volcanic areas by thermal infrared imaging networks yields substantial and instantaneous data on volcanic activity.
Thermal imaging networks contribute valuable information used e.g. for advance warning systems and disaster control.
Thermal imaging cameras are very helpful tools for monitoring the geologic activities in volcanic areas.
Continuous and comprehensive thermal analysis of such areas can help to predict the activity and potential eruption of active volcanoes.

High Definition Thermal Imaging

Deployment of multiple high resolution infrared cameras, such as Jenoptik’s IR-TCM stationary thermal imaging cameras, enables simultaneous and precise thermal monitoring even of large areas, such a volcano fields of lava eruptions and flow.

Camera Network Control

The infrared camera network can be controlled by special software, that allows for controlling several coupled infrared cameras and can even trigger alarm if the network detected critical events.
Thermal Imaging Solutions from Jenoptik
For more information on Jenoptik’s thermal imaging solutions please visit:
> IR-TCM stationary infrared cameras
> VarioCAM® HD handheld thermal imaging cameras
> VarioCAM® high resolution thermography cameras

Application Note

Software solution for thermal condition monitoring using multiple coupled or single infrared cameras:
> Condition Monitoring Solutions


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