IR Temperature Measurement in a Claus Sulphur Reactor

Temperature Measurement for Claus Sulphur Recovery Units

Claus Reactor Crossection – Image: Delta Controls

Shreveport LA, USA — The Model HIR “looks” into the sulfur reaction furnace of a Claus sulfur recovery thermal reactor and senses the amount and spectral distribution of the infrared energy being emitted by the refractory hot face. The sensed energy is converted into a signal, which is used to accurately display the refractory operating temperature.
A Claus sulfur recovery thermal reactor partially oxidizes hydrogen sulfide to sulfur dioxide as one of the steps in removing unwanted sulfur from process streams. The final reaction products are elemental sulfur and water.

The internal temperature of the reactor must be high enough to carry the reactions forward efficiently, yet not high enough to damage the refractory lining.
Enrichment with oxygen adds the potential to achieve very high temperatures, which can result in destruction of the refractory or even of the complete shell. The HIR can help keep this from occurring.
All materials radiate energy as a function of their absolute temperature. The infrared energy being sensed must pass through the reacting gases without being absorbed by them.
The Model HIR must also “look” through those same gases without seeing them or sensing their high temperatures. This feat is accomplished with notch optical filters and special sensors. The selected sensing wavebands avoid significant errors due to luminosity and absorption.
The Model HIR is nearly maintenance free. The lens, sighting window, and nozzle are kept at a high temperature to avoid sulfur buildup and the need to perform frequent periodic maintenance. It uses stable electronics, which do not require cooling or frequent re-calibrations at the factory.

Key Specifications

Range: 300 ºC to 1700 ºC (600 ºF to 3100 ºF) , Other ranges available
Accuracy: ±11ºC (20 °F)
Readout: High: Contrast LCD Display;
Output Signal: 4-20 mADC, 2 wire loop
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