This website is a member of the MeasurementMedia Network of websites.
We like to think of open Web resources like ours on the MeasurementMedia Network as win-win-win situations in the true tradition of an open Internet.
First win: The website user or visitor wins since they gain free access to useful and often educational information that make them a better informed and savvy product/service user and helps them grow in many ways.
Second win: The supplier of a commented link to information, often an expert opinion or article buried on an organization’s website, gets wider discovery, due to the feedback* nature of the Web. Our sites are mostly ranked at a Google PR4 or higher.
That places these directory links in the category of “high quality” web resources and enhances the visibility of the submitting organization’s website on the Internet and in their Search Engine rankings, since the link on our site points to their site.
Third win: Our website(s) gain more visibility, too, and even higher credibility (even more if an organization adds a reciprocal web link to us – but that’s not a requirement, just frosting on the cake).
More content and a growing number of links on our sites means more content held in Search Engine indices and a growing reputation for our sites from the content added alone. That makes the Second Win better and more people find your information on Search Engine results, closing the loop and enhancing the First Win more so.
*It’s more than viral. It’s a feedback loop that benefits all the nodes on it!
Many marketeers think they understand the concept of viral, but few seem to get the concept of feedback, as most scientists and engineers do. The Web has some viral nature, of that’s there’s little doubt, but it has a larger, immense and not well-appreciated feedback nature, too.

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